Thirst for Truth So Important in This Season

Paul talks about those who have a “love of the truth” and those who don’t in 2 Thessalonians. Jesus spoke of why it matters as well in Matthew 24. This video below discusses these areas as well as provides some guidance on what we can do to be well prepared for the season we’re entering.

[Video] Don’t Do This Unless God Explicitly Tells You To

Hey folks! We’re launching a class based on the document the Holy Spirit had me write. It has an exclusive component to it and it’s only meant for those who are actually called by the Holy Spirit to go through. Get more details in the video below.

UPDATE: Daily Prayer Meetings Live

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update. We launched “daily prayer meetings” which we’re doing on YouTube to establish the word over our lives in Unity together. We encourage you to join us in these and pray with us every day. As we do this in unity together, we believe that God … Continue reading UPDATE: Daily Prayer Meetings Live

UPDATE: Sony Thinks They Own God’s Praise and Worship

Earlier today we posted a video that we shot that included a praise & worship song that has really helped me a lot and I think will bless you too. You can check it out here. Sony quickly slapped it down (literally in 5 mins) because they believe they have claim to God’s praise and … Continue reading UPDATE: Sony Thinks They Own God’s Praise and Worship

[Video] The Song that Proves God’s Love & Desire for Us

Yesterday, we posted a video that discusses God’s love for you and his plans to change the world through you. I mentioned a song that always helps me. This is that song and I provided some additional encouragement as well. UPDATE: I had to reupload a slightly different version of this video because Sony Music … Continue reading [Video] The Song that Proves God’s Love & Desire for Us

God’s Plan for World Peace

The plan that Jesus lived and became a witness to, "the way, the truth and the life", is the same plan that is available for God’s plan for world peace. We live in a world of our own that is focused on ourselves, creating for ourselves, caring for ourselves and those we love, self-sufficiency. This … Continue reading God’s Plan for World Peace