Spiritual Warfare & Discipleship Training

We’re launching our first limited availability but completely free spiritual warfare & discipleship training course.

Watch the video below for more information on the course.. Seats are limited so if you’re interested, please sign-up today with the form at the bottom of this page.

Why we Are limiting the course entry

We’re actually following in Jesus’ footsteps here. He had a limited number of people whom he was really close with and trained closely together with as well. His number was 12, but because we’re not Jesus, but merely fellow disciples of His, we’re limiting the course to only 9 people to start (per prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit).

Spiritual warfare is very unique in that it requires a tight-knit group of individuals working closely together, that are able to grow in their trust of each other together, in order to be effective. We want everyone who does take the course to be able to benefit from a smaller group. God willing, He will grow what starts off as 9 individuals in one group to multiply to bear fruit for the Kingdom.

What’s the Criteria to Get Into The Course?

Again, we’re going to take our cues from Jesus on this one. He said that His Father gave him the ones that He was supposed to work closely with. We won’t be hand-picking any based on any specific criteria. Instead, we will be relying on the Holy Spirit to do what we cannot ourselves: put together a wonderful group of people, with many different talents, from many different backgrounds, so that He can help us grow together and reflect the Kingdom Principles we will need in order to bring glory to God.

If you feel called to join this course, simply sign up using the form on this page and we will be in contact with you to confirm receipt and be in touch within a few days after you’ve signed up. Again, there are no personal criteria that we have, we’re relying fully on the Holy Spirit to guide us in prayer with who should join the course.

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