Holiness, The Power of God & The Anti-Christ Spirit

The Anti-Christ Spirit may not be what we think it is completely in the way that we have come to teach it and understand it. The anti-Christ Spirit is anything that exalts itself against the power of God and the Truth of God’s word. What is that Spirit? Each of us has this in ourselves, … Continue reading Holiness, The Power of God & The Anti-Christ Spirit

Taking a Break to Focus

Hey y’all, You may notice that we’re not posting as much right now. This isn’t because I’ve given up or am no longer interested, this has been an intentional action that God has directed me to do. We’re entering right now, what will be the greatest spiritual struggle of our lives. God has asked us … Continue reading Taking a Break to Focus

Spiritual Warfare & Discipleship Training Course Live

After overcoming some technical difficulties, the first video in our Spiritual Warfare & Discipleship Training Course is live. This is a special course that God has been preparing us for over the past 3 years and we’re really excited to launch it. The full course is soon to follow, it’s all completely free, but there … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare & Discipleship Training Course Live

Thirst for Truth So Important in This Season

Paul talks about those who have a “love of the truth” and those who don’t in 2 Thessalonians. Jesus spoke of why it matters as well in Matthew 24. This video below discusses these areas as well as provides some guidance on what we can do to be well prepared for the season we’re entering.

[Video] Don’t Do This Unless God Explicitly Tells You To

Hey folks! We’re launching a class based on the document the Holy Spirit had me write. It has an exclusive component to it and it’s only meant for those who are actually called by the Holy Spirit to go through. Get more details in the video below.

UPDATE: Daily Prayer Meetings Live

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update. We launched “daily prayer meetings” which we’re doing on YouTube to establish the word over our lives in Unity together. We encourage you to join us in these and pray with us every day. As we do this in unity together, we believe that God … Continue reading UPDATE: Daily Prayer Meetings Live

[Video] Kanye West’s Sunday Service Fulfills Revelation 19:1 Prophesy

I was watching Sunday Service this morning just praising God and thanking Him for all He has done and the Holy Spirit recalled to my mind Revelation 19:1. Watch the video to see the fulfillment of this prophecy! Praise God!! https://youtu.be/7TsHQG0xT4w