[Video] Why Christians Are To Blame For the World’s Problems

This has been on my heart for awhile. I was taking the break like I said with God and it honestly couldn’t wait any more after everything God has been gracious enough to reveal. This is a harsh message, but it’s the truth. We have to change it, the well-being of the entire world depends … Continue reading [Video] Why Christians Are To Blame For the World’s Problems

[Video] Prophetic Warning for Christians to Heed in this Season

This video was tough for me to make because the message isn’t an easy one. But God has confirmed it in multiple ways that this is what He had for me to share. There is more to be shared as well that God has been revealing this morning that I’m working through but for now, … Continue reading [Video] Prophetic Warning for Christians to Heed in this Season

Thirst for Truth So Important in This Season

Paul talks about those who have a “love of the truth” and those who don’t in 2 Thessalonians. Jesus spoke of why it matters as well in Matthew 24. This video below discusses these areas as well as provides some guidance on what we can do to be well prepared for the season we’re entering.

[Video] Don’t Do This Unless God Explicitly Tells You To

Hey folks! We’re launching a class based on the document the Holy Spirit had me write. It has an exclusive component to it and it’s only meant for those who are actually called by the Holy Spirit to go through. Get more details in the video below.

[Video] Kanye West’s Sunday Service Fulfills Revelation 19:1 Prophesy

I was watching Sunday Service this morning just praising God and thanking Him for all He has done and the Holy Spirit recalled to my mind Revelation 19:1. Watch the video to see the fulfillment of this prophecy! Praise God!! https://youtu.be/7TsHQG0xT4w

God’s Plan for World Peace

The plan that Jesus lived and became a witness to, "the way, the truth and the life", is the same plan that is available for God’s plan for world peace. We live in a world of our own that is focused on ourselves, creating for ourselves, caring for ourselves and those we love, self-sufficiency. This … Continue reading God’s Plan for World Peace

America: This is Our Burning Bush Moment

This nation was founded on the principles of God. All one needs to do is read the Declaration of Independence to see that the framers of this nation, went through every Biblical principle of pursuing change in society before God granted them the right to declare their independence. God then used a rag-tag army against … Continue reading America: This is Our Burning Bush Moment