About Us

We’re two people, Harrison Watson & Lindsey Morr, and a special group of wonderful volunteers who help us with our charitable activities as needed (and as their schedule allows!). Harrison is the former COO of a digital marketing firm that he helped grow from 3 people working in a supply closet to partner teams managing teams of 7 and working with the largest retailers in the world.

He helped to invent an algorithm for Google that allowed our customers to completely own their space in Google Shopping by dominating any search query they wanted. Before that, he built an ecommerce system that connected small business retailers with their manufacturer’s data in order to build stronger websites to compete with larger organizations.

Lindsey has a Masters from The Ohio State University where she studied on behalf of the James Cancer Hospital and helped come up with ideas for improving genetic testing results for families who are pre-disposed to certain types of genetic cancers.

She also has a digital marketing background and has worked for and helped grow many startups during their early stages including Groupon. Most recently she worked with a digital marketing firm in Columbus, Ohio that specialized in data and analytics.

We both left our “traditional” jobs to pursue a life more focused on helping others in meaningful ways, always fully focused on God. Our official team/life motto? God first.

Sending you peace, blessings & love (always),

Lindsey & Harrison


P.S. We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about any of the work we’re doing please feel free to contact us.