A contemplation of a Man in the Last Days

There is no one who seeks after God among the children of men. 
All seeks their own glory and mockers are all around.
There is no sting in their ways.
They eat, they drink, they mock the Most High, 
and don't even consider His Word to be true.

Even those who claim your way don't seek you.
They seek a feeling and comfort for themselves.
None, no not one, seeks to glorify God on the earth.

But as for me, I have felt the anguish of waiting for God 
my deliverer to deliver the promise.
It is the only hope I have and it is more solid than gold.

My faith is in you - I have no other plan.
All of my other plans I burnt up and scorched behind me
to follow the Truth.

Yes for my safety and my peace, 
but these come in God alone and there is no other.
But not just for me, because the world;
it does not care nor does it see.

Tear down the walls of Bashan and set fire to their money.
Tear it all down; that afterward only those whom have hoped
in you may dwell in safety.

Then may the hearts of the wicked see 
that which is pure and good 
and see the work of Your hands
that they might choose life too.

Tear down their violence and bring 
the Kingdoms of men to ruin;
That they would bow to the only King
there has ever been.

My God, My hope, My King.
Lift up your servants not for their sake but for yours.

That your name will be glorified
and that every knee should bow and every tongue confess
that you alone are King.
Now and forevermore.


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