Reviving the Church of Acts 4

When we look around at the church that we see today we should notice a few things that are simply wrong about it:

  1. Our priests teach for pay: this is exactly what Micah 3:11 uses to describe wicked rulers, prophets, teachers and priests.
  2. We are not separate from the world but are very much intertwined with it: This is exactly the opposite of what we’re told to do in Isaiah 52:11, when he is previously explaining how God’s people are not supposed to be a part of Egypt (the World’s systems). This is also explained in the prophecy of Revelation 18:4.
  3. Disunity runs rampant throughout the church (denominational differences, socio-economic differences, and even racial differences still). All of these are counter to the teachings of Jesus. First off the idea of socio-economies is very much a man-made construct. Denominational differences are the differences of men, and there is only one race of people: God’s children both those who are lost and those who are found. Additionally, Jesus specifically prays that his believers will be completely unified in John 17: 20-23.
  4. We do not train for battle. Whether we like it or not, we are in the midst of a spiritual war. We teach sunshine and rainbows and that God has forgiven us but we don’t train people about the process of sanctification, the power of the Holy Spirit, nor how to fight the spiritual battles they are fighting. Simply put, we’re leaving God’s sheep in the field without a shepherd and with no tools to defend themselves.
  5. We have no plan for taking back territory for the Kingdom and maintaining it. We are talking about spiritual territory, though it will have physical ramifications.

If we read about the church in Acts chapter four we read about how all of the multitude of believers were of one heart and one soul (united). They held everything in common and gave to everyone as they had need (removed dependance on the world’s system for their followers). The apostles were also regularly training people in the faith through the teaching the understanding of the Risen Lord.

At this time, the battles that they were facing were very much physical. Now, we see both as the spiritual roots are not fought and territory is simply lost over to the enemy.The reason for this is because we are not unified. We are not prepared for battle and each of us has to fend for themselves in the world’s system to care for themselves.

Somewhere along the lines we got away from the church of Acts 4 and this has caused us to scatter and be totally ineffective at taking over territory. Instead of fighting in the Spirit, we donate money and ask for thoughts and prayers. What does this make the outside world think about our God? We have the form of Godliness but deny its power.

We must repent and begin immediately in each of our respective territories to rebuild this system for the Kingdom that is separate from the world’s system, where all of God’s children may focus on what matters – relationship with God and we must unify, prepare, and fight the battles to take back the territories of our families, our neighborhoods, our cities, our counties, our states, and our countries.

It is this effort that must be undertaken in this season before the coming of our Lord who will set everything right in the World for good. But we must bear the responsibility of removing all of the idols that we have set up in our lives before he can even begin the work inside of these regions.

We would appreciate your prayers as we will be putting together an outline of a plan for doing just this that we hope others will take to their communities and churches to bring revive the church as it was originally intended.

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