[Video] Follow-Up to Christian Church with Love

Last week, we posted a video that got right to the point, was direct, and while it was coming from a loving place, wasn’t spoken with as loving of a tone. This was intentional, because God is trying to wake us up to something that He has for us in this season that we’re just missing.

He’s giving us a chance to LEVEL UP as a church and as brothers and sisters in Christ in ways that before He genuinely wasn’t ready to call us to yet I believe. But NOW is this season.

Below is the follow-up message to the last one that we posted, with love. Just so you know, we love all of you and we’re super pumped to get to share in what God has for all of us. He is so good, we’re so thankful, we’re so blessed to be living in this season. Truly blessed.

Let’s focus in together, work together to ask God the right questions, and help HIM shape us into what we need to become in this season to fulfill His purposes. God bless!

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