Holiness, The Power of God & The Anti-Christ Spirit

The Anti-Christ Spirit may not be what we think it is completely in the way that we have come to teach it and understand it.

The anti-Christ Spirit is anything that exalts itself against the power of God and the Truth of God’s word. What is that Spirit? Each of us has this in ourselves, it’s called ego. It is our soul, our mind, our will, our emotions.

Jesus Christ came that God could prove that, in flesh, man could be perfected. He presented His unblemished lamb to fulfill the law, which was the last argument that the power of darkness had over humanity, the last legal right so to speak.

When Jesus came, He came not after those who were righteous, but after those who were sick. He spoke against those who had obtained self-righteous religion for working against God’s plan and not seeing the way that He would establish His kingdom.

What does this verse mean? For the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy?

It means that Jesus’ own life testimony was the way that God was going to bring about His Kingdom and rule over the anti-Christ Spirit that is in each of our hearts.

What has happened before will happen again. The plagues that are written about in the book of Revelation are meant to bring reflection and repentance, to bring everything in line with the Truth of God’s Word so that all will live according to it, or be eternally separated from it.

Jesus’ life was a foreshadowing of the way that all others would walk in order to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth.

Baptism is not a religious right to “get into heaven” but is a spiritual birth into the Kingdom now. Just as it was the first step of the walk in Jesus’ ministry, it is the first step in ours. It is saying to yourself, God, and the World, “The person I was before, I now give up, and when I am risen from that Water, I will live according to the way of Jesus.”

We have taken that to mean that we, go to church more, give more of our money away to the poor, try to be a better person. This is about 10% accurate and 90% wrong.

Baptism says, “I am dead to the World’s way and am alive in Christ Jesus by the Spirit of God.” This is a BIG difference from how we think of Baptism. One obtains power, the other doesn’t believe in the Power of God and therefore cannot see it manifest.

Paul tries to show us this in Romans 8:11. He is illustrating to us that it is the Spirit of God that gives us life after we have risen from the water of Baptism.

Immediately after His Baptism, Jesus was taken into the wilderness to pray and be tested. Just as the Israelites were delivered from Egypt through the water, we are delivered from Egypt through Baptism.

Our choice is the same as Israel’s at this point. We have the choice of entering the promised land the 2.5 week way, by trusting in God, or the choice of trusting in what we know and going back to Egypt, which will take a 2.5 week trip and turn it into a 40 year period in the Wilderness learning to trust God before we can enter the Wilderness.

Jesus’ own 40-day (intentionally 40-days because God is redeeming the lost time) He took a 40 year (14,600 days) and reduced it to 40 days because Jesus trusted in God and did not give into Pharoa who came to test him in the Wilderness.

Jesus was then met with the angels who ministered to him and from Here, the full power of God was in him because He had completely denied the advances of the anti-christ spirit and walked in the ways of God.

You are expected to take this journey. We believe that we have something special when God chooses to give us the ability to see and prophesy and speak in tongues. This is child’s play, those who drink milk receive this ability. We believe WE are special when God does this.

There is nothing good or special about us. God is the only one who is Good. And If we choose to join Him in his Goodness and His ways, He will bless us with HIS power, which heals the sick, gives the blind its sight, opens the ears of the deaf, resurrects life, and drives out demons. In this power, God has given us His authority on the earth to build His Kingdom.

He doesn’t give this power to just anyone, only those who fully deny the anti-Christ spirit which is of the world, only those who are willing to fully dedicate their lives to His ways and deny themselves. Why is this? Because selfish decisions lead to destruction, anyone who lives can see the fruits of our selfishness all around. Only those who are fully willing to submit fully will receive this power and it will overcome all things by God’s power.

This is your choice. You can choose to believe in God’s way and walk in it, or not. There is a middle-ground called the wilderness. God will indeed protect you here as long as you are doing your best to live within the confines of God’s laws and ways, but you will never obtain the power that you were meant to have and the Kingdom will never visit you outside of small miracles to keep you afloat.

Know that you are called to something greater, many are called, few are chosen. I genuinely don’t know what God will do with those who choose to remain in the wilderness. To me, Jesus seems to say that if those who were called, do not do the full will of their Father in heaven, then you will be kept out of paradise (Matt 7:21 -23). But this is a selfish thought and isn’t even worthy of Christ’s calling.

The truth is, if you want to save your life, you will lose it (Matt 16:25). But those who are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the Kingdom here, by denying themselves and taking up their cross, these are the ones through whom God will help establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Why would you settle for a counterfeit power, when you can focus your heart fully and deliver the world? The only reason is selfishness and therefore one cannot be guaranteed to be saved if this is your choice. This is my opinion and I am not God, but if you search your heart and are truly okay, knowing that the power of God is attainable and will deliver the world, how could you wake up another morning to think about and strive for anything else.

In these days, God will bring about His witnesses, that the world may see the truth. That though the power was originally shown in a perfect man, it is also obtainable by men(and women) who were once filthy in their trespasses. And in this, the Kingdom will be fulfilled and established for all who see and believe and act accordingly.

Don’t settle for the counterfeit of this world’s system, which is indeed now showing its foundational cracks and will be torn down much sooner than you think. The enemy’s time is short and he is grasping for straws to cling to his power, knowing himself that the days of his kingdom are coming to an end.

I beseech you as your brother, who loves you so very much, and who has prayed for you continually that God would deliver, please seek these words for yourself with God. Please. I beg you. You have no clue how much it truly breaks God’s heart that some will see this and ignore it because He’s had so much better for all of us since the beginning. Please.

There are those in the religious order, who have been taken by the angel of darkness, who have been blinded by their tradition, who will not see this and try to convince you that this is not from God. This is why I ask you to circumvent them, and go directly to God yourself. If the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, you will be led to the Truth. Just as Jesus said to the Israelites in His time, I say to you now, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.

You will see signs coming from the church soon. Because it has now come out that they lack real power, and the angel of darkness knows that the fight will be lost if he cannot produce counterfeit signs, it is written and so it shall be.

The Spirit of the anti-Christ within them will seek to prove their worth to you through their signs. This is something that Satan even tempted Jesus with, but they will bite when they feel the power of their magic being taken from them, the audience they have captivated with their sorcery.

God foretold of this when we were being delivered from Egypt. Pharoa’s magicians also had signs they could perform up to a point, but the signs of God are evident, and they will not be able to perform them. Go back and read this for yourself and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and wisdom.

Finally, focus your whole life on the truth of God and living this truth with a single-focused mind. The anti-Christ spirit is alive in the world, it has been for a long time, so at any moment the one spoken about in the prophecies could step forward. Don’t be alarmed but stay focused on God’s truth.

Learn the weapons of Spiritual warfare, there are resources coming for God’s people in this season, you will need them. All of this is also found in the Bible but is being written for quick consumption as a supplemental material to the Bible’s truth (not a replacement). The war we are about to enter is going to be much more intense than you’ve ever imagined.

Keep silent around those whom have not been fully delivered (Amos 5:13), instead understand the warfare that is around them, prepare your battle plans and stand firm for their deliverance, then when they are delivered you may speak openly around them. This is a tactical necessity because of the ears of the enemy. A man’s enemy will be members of his own household (Matthew 10:36).

This doesn’t mean that they are bad people, it means that a stronghold exists inside of them, and that the enemy may have a foothold in there that you could unintentionally give up intelligence to the enemy about God’s plans, which could bring spiritual warfare against it. Instead, use these strongholds to make your battle plans to deliver them so that they may be brought into the fold.

Know that with stepping out, pressure and persecution will come. It is inevitable. Don’t be alarmed, expect it. Take note of the attacks that do come, and of the ones that have caused you to fall in the past. This is intelligence for you and this is God’s way of allowing you to be tested, when you pass the test, and overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony (speaking the word out loud and taking everything bough captive to the obedience of Christ), God will reward you with new strength and you will be closer to obtaining the fullness of the power of God.

Take note also of the attacks that you experience, because many of these will have generational implications. The reason why the blood of the lamb was required was because it was the perfect settlement for the legal requirements of the laws of Satan. He accuses us by our bloodlines and draws a picture of what we will struggle with from our bloodlines.

This means that what we struggle with, is also likely a struggle for our parents and their blood lines. This will help you in overcoming the attacks of the enemy and delivering your family once you have overcome. But first you must overcome and receive the power that God may work out your perfection with you, via the Holy Spirit.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit and the blood of the lamb. It is by these that our perfection is secured and we are covered so that the power of Satan only has the hold on us that we allow it to hold. At any point, we may plead the blood of Jesus over our sins and declare them broken in Jesus’ name. Then we must walk in that truth and sin no more. This is true repentance.

Understand that if you are still being tempted in areas that you have struggled in in the past, it is because the enemy may still have a stronghold over you. For once you have stood firm on God’s truth, resisted the devil, then the devil must flee from you. If this continues to happen, focus on the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the Word of God, ask the Holy Spirit to help you tear down any strongholds, and firm up any of God’s defenses that may have been weakened. Speak the Word out loud, just as Jesus did for His deliverance.

When you have worked with God to take down all of your strongholds, and God has planted His word deep within you, make sure to water that word. Keep your eyes and ears and mind off of the things of the enemy, lest he plant seeds. I mean the things of the world when I say the enemy. Do not be like others, who focus on things of this world, this includes leisurely activities that are not edifying to God (watching sports and allowing that to become your God is included in this). Anything that is not of God is of this world, and therefore you must keep your mind off of these things lest the enemy plant a seed inside of you, you become attached to the kingdom of darkness, and you stray from the path of deliverance.

I say the above from personal experience, my own decisions to have a dual-focused mind have delayed my deliverance, wrapped me up in the things of this world, and disconnected me from the things of God. This cycle is an intentional trap of the enemy to keep you sedated from receiving the full power of God. Though this action seems “harmless” and “in good nature” it is the perfect plan of the enemy because sports aren’t innately bad, and can indeed lead to many “good” things, but they are separate from the single-minded focus that is required to obtain the power of God in its fullness, and therefore the enemy has delayed his fall and kept us endangered by this sorcery and other such sorceries.

Current events, music, news, social media, etc. All of these seemingly harmless devices to keep us “connected” and “well-informed” are actually holding all of us back from receiving the fullness of God’s power by focusing on the things of this world, rather than the eternal truth found in God’s word. These “harmless” devices are again the perfect trick of the enemy to keep us sedated, connected to the world, and disconnected from the single-minded focus required to obtain God’s power and deliver us from the kingdom of darkness. They are the yoke of the enemy that keeps us attached to anything but the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yes, I know your pastor speaks to you about the football game from the day before to relate to you on Sunday. Though they do this out of a good natured place, wanting to make you comfortable and listen to the message that God has given them to share with you, they do this to the detriment of themselves and the church by promoting double-mindedness. This is the folly fo man, who believes that God must relate to man rather than man relate to God.

Ask yourself this question, have you ever seen your pastor lay hands on a man and he was healed? Have they resurrected a man from the dead? Have you seen any wonders of God coming through them? They may possess the fruits of the Spirit, which is indeed a treasure in itself (peace, love and a sound mind) but if they lack the ability to do these things, then they have fallen short and are not worthy to be followed.

This is not a harsh criticism of them, we are indeed all humans, but it was in a human that God brought these powers to be, so until we reach this holiness and god rains His power upon us as a sign of His anointing.

God’s power draws people to himself. You’ll notice that in Jesus’ ministry, he didn’t tweet or post on instagram in order to get more people to follow him. He didn’t publish pamphlets or fliers to announce His coming. No, He went humbly into the synagogues and began to teach, the power of God’s anointing healed others through Him, and they that were witnesses were drawn to His power.

Some might say that this was only the case because it was Jesus, but we’d have to ignore the beginning of the church after Pentecost to believe this to be the case, when even those not born of a virgin were given this authoritative power via the Holy Spirit.

We must strive for this holiness and operate of one accord in unity towards obtaining this holiness so that God’s power can be manifested among us and the true power of God will deliver us all from the power of sin and darkness.

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