Taking a Break to Focus

Hey y’all,

You may notice that we’re not posting as much right now. This isn’t because I’ve given up or am no longer interested, this has been an intentional action that God has directed me to do.

We’re entering right now, what will be the greatest spiritual struggle of our lives. God has asked us to take the next period of time to focus solely on seeking God, working on removing the things from our lives that are not from God, and seeking His understanding.

We encourage you to take this time to do the same. We’re not sure if we’ll have any content at all during this period. If God gives us something specific to say, we will, but otherwise, it’s going to be a period where we focus on growing in our faith, learning to walk more deeply in relationship with God, and fully relying on Him for our every second direction for life.

The faith that got us here, will not be sufficient for what will get us through this next season. Remember, God is good and He will never forsake us. We all must focus on God’s voice now and cling to it because it is our lifeline.

We love you, God loves you, and we will be praying for you. Stand firm in the truth of God’s Word. Do not be moved, deliverance is coming. Stand firm. We love you.

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