God’s Plan for World Peace

The plan that Jesus lived and became a witness to, “the way, the truth and the life”, is the same plan that is available for God’s plan for world peace. We live in a world of our own that is focused on ourselves, creating for ourselves, caring for ourselves and those we love, self-sufficiency.

This is an imagined security blanket that will prove to be flawed. Anyone who has taken the time to think long enough knows that there are a nearly infinite number of scenarios that also affect your life that can throw a wrench in your self-sufficiency at any moment. It is a lie from the enemy to believe that it is self-actualisation that is required for internal peace.

In the beginning, God spoke through the Holy Spirit and made the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1-5).

God showed things true through His prophets, through speaking to them and through them via the Holy Spirit. After all, the only way to tell if a prophet is really a prophet, is to see if what the day actually comes to fruition (Jeremiah 28:9).

Jesus said that He did nothing that He didn’t see His Father doing (John 5:19) and He said nothing that His Father didn’t speak (John 12:49).

Jesus submitted all of His actions and words to only speaking and doing that which the Father guided Him to do through the Holy Spirit. He cried tears of blood in Gethsemane, not desiring to die the most painful death known to man to this day, yet He did as His Father wanted, and gave up His life willingly (Luke 22:39-53).

In this, Jesus became One with the Father, just as He said (John 10:30). He calls us to live this same exact way (John 14:6). He also promises us that if we do not, we will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 7:21-23). If we do, He says that we will have eternal life (John 3:36).

Just as satan’s plan was to play on the selfish desire for money and caring for ourselves with one of the original disciples (Judas Iscariot, Matthew 26:14-16), it is still satan’s plan (which appears to be working well) to get us to focus on ourselves and our needs over doing the will of God.

Satan used selfish desire, temporal means that need to be replenished again (money), but was something that was relatively easy to obtain, to entrap Judas into betraying His anointed.

God used what satan meant for evil for and turned it to good. In it, God proved that in this way of walking in life, death has no hold. He raised Jesus from the dead, and if you walk it as well, death will not have a hold on you either (1 Corinthians 15:55).

And for believing in the way, and following, with their whole lives, and forsaking all else, to live the way of Jesus Christ, God gave the disciples the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2).

The ecclesia was established, walked fully by the Spirit of God, and the full power of God was both in them and worked through them. This is still available today and we are witnesses to this truth, as are others who have seen this power of the Spirit to split storms and have walked and worked other miracles, not of their own strength but by submission to the Spirit of God.

We (humans) do not perform miracles, it is God who performs them through us, when we submit to the Spirit of God and allow God to work through our vocal chords, not speaking our own words, but submitting ourselves to the Holy Spirit.

Some in the church today, have claimed the doctrine of men, that the Holy Spirit was given for a time, to perform miracles, but that she no longer has the same power. They are both correct and wrong at the same time. They are correct that the Spirit has not had the vessels willing to submit fully and therefore has not worked as widely and openly as in the

However, those who believe such things, and act accordingly, blaspheme the power of God by speaking things which God never spoke and are not true. They are wrong that the Holy Spirit’s power has diminished, what has diminished is our spiritual willingness to serve God and not ourselves.

When we submit fully to the Spirit of God, God’s power will be witnessed by all. It is possible now, if you are willing to believe it and live it, forsaking all else and following only the Spirit of God. Shiloh will come and the Kingdom of Heaven will be fully realized.

Message to Those Who Claim Jesus as Their Lord and Savior

The church says with their lips that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, but their hearts do not believe it. If they did, they would hear the Holy Spirit’s voice and submit to complete that which He wants to complete.

In not doing this, we have become and do become the false prophets that Jesus spoke of , “who come to the world in sheep’s clothing but inside are ravaging wolves” (Matthew 7:15), speaking our own words and not those of the Spirit. We have become those who take on a form of Godliness but deny its power (2 Timothy 3:5).

In this, we are fulfilling Jesus’s prophecy that He would be counted amongst the transgressors, not only amongst the criminals on the cross, but amongst those who claim His name (Luke 22:37). We are always learning, but never arriving at the truth (2 Timothy 3:7). We have become lukewarm. How God wishes that we would become hot or cold, but since we are neither, unless we repent, He will vomit us out (Revelation 3: 14-16).

I write this in love, with the understanding that at any moment, this same war between my own self-will and the will of the Father could come to ravage internally within me unless I focus. It is a daily fight, a moment-by-moment decision-based fight. Therefore, we must all repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is here.

If we want to realize the fullness of God’s Kingdom, we must deny ourselves, take up our own cross (a symbol of Jesus’s full submission to the Spirit and will of God), and walk in the Spirit. If we do this, God will tear down the kingdom of the evil one through His work through our vessels. Anything less than this is enmity to God the Father and is a direct affront to the Kingdom of Heaven.

God’s Plan for World Peace

God’s plan for world peace is simple and it is in the pages of the Bible. Deny our own desires, submit to God, walk by the Spirit, do as the Spirit instructs, and speak as the Spirit tells us to speak. In this, God will care for His children and the rest of the world. But it starts with YOU.

This is the meaning of the Gospel. In Jesus’s life example and mission He was both the way, the truth and the life, and the example of how we are to live the way, the truth and the life.

He gave His life willingly in submission to God in the cross, to cross out the penalty of sin for all people. That whosoever believes in him (and to believe means to walk like him, not just believe it in your mind), repents of their own way, and walks by the Spirit to complete the full will of God the Father, will have everlasting life.

Those who will not accept these words as truth and live by them, will be eternally separated where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth (think what we’re living now, but forever and with no chance at satisfaction in life). Those who walk by the Spirit will inherit that which God has had for us since the beginning.

One of the biggest tricks of the enemy is to get us to think that all of this only comes “when Jesus comes back” and all things are restored. The truth is that we can experience the Kingdom here and now, be led by the Holy Spirit to the still waters (Psalms 23) and obtain the benefits of the Kingdom now in this life.

God is love and so anything that is not love, is not from God (1 John 4:7-21). God is Spirit, and we must be unified in the Spirit, by walking in the Spirit together, as one (Ephesians 4:1-6).

When we do this, God will both make sure that all who do, are taken care of, and we will experience the full power of God, apart from this world’s system. This is available and happening now. Don’t wait, the kingdom is here now.

Proper Warning for Those Who Choose The Way

I would be a terrible shepherd if I didn’t tell you this truth. Satan has spent generations building the world that is in front of you and entangling you and your family into its systems to keep you ensnared. You will have pressure as you back away from it. There will be the desire to go back to the way that is easiest, because it is familiar. You must persevere, when you have God will deliver you.

Jesus had to go through this same training during his 40-day fast and immediately following it when the enemy tempted Him. This process can take 40-days or 40-years. The choice is yours, but just as God sent the angels to minister to Jesus upon overcoming the temptations of the enemy, so too will he do to you. (Matthew 3:15 – 4:17)

It is this pressure that builds trust, faith, love and understanding between you and God. When you have proven it, and stop choosing to backslide, you will be entered into the full power of God and all of the same miracles that were performed by Jesus will be available to you as well. Jesus promises this himself (John 14:12-14).

I declare this in Jesus’ name, who has come in the flesh and was raised from death to life on the third day, by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me, to the Glory of God the Father, now and forever, amen.

This seed has been sown by the Father, do not let the enemy choke it from you with the worries of this age. Be steadfast and stand on the Truth that has been spoken. Through relationship with God (through prayer, reading the word of God, and walking by the Spirit) you will overcome as long as you never give up. I declare this in Jesus’ name and by the proof of His own example and witness to us all. Amen.

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