Poem: Testimony, Praise & Hope

Father, I long to see the promises come to be that You spoke to me in prayer.

My heart desperately hopes in the place of Your promise, waiting for the fulfillment of that which You have spoken.

Though my heart hopes and longs to see these with my eyes, I am content in the place where You have me.

Teach me Your ways Father, that I might bring Your name glory, show me Your heart and make my heart Yours.

Your light has shone on me since my birth.

You visited me through Your Spirit from the womb.

You spoke to me before I knew who You were and before I knew You, You knew me.

You sent my relatives as a testimony to Your presence, to the Truth of Your word.

They came as miraculous doves who only moved at Your word and were not shaken by the way of the wind.

You have performed many miracles in front of me, You have taken that which was broken and made it sing.

In the times where I was desperate, by the work of my hands, You brought provision out of thin air.

You took a man that was broken-hearted and afraid and gave him strength.

My strength is in Your Word and Your Truth.

By the breath of Your mouth, You have set my steps before me.

Though the enemy surrounds me and tries to enter my house, Your Spirit keeps them at bay, protecting my every moment.

The sun rises and it sets, the leaves change and the rivers flow – this is the work of Your hand.

What You have done from old, has remained through the generations and will remain forevermore.

Though we have misunderstood and done according to our desires without regard to You, Your earth still remains and she calls to us through her roaring thunder to consider the way of our hearts.

Shepherd us, Father, for without Your Spirit we will transgress Your ways and be doomed to the destruction You have promised in Your Word.

Change our hearts, make them new, soften them to be led and not to lead.

Change my heart, embolden me Father to speak that which You have for me to speak.

May my lips praise Your wondrous works from now and forever.

I will praise You in the tough times and the good because everything You have given me is for Your good.

Shout from the hilltops and dance in the streets, the Kingdom of God is alive and well.

Bring forth Your Kingdom Father that we may rejoice in Your comfort and be shielded from the wickedness of our own way.

Forgive us, Father, for our ways are not Your ways. Give us the strength to be humble and make our lips speak from our hearts the praises of Your greatness.

You are the only Truth that is needed, yet we strive for false appeasements to satisfy our thirst.

Save us, Father, for in Your heart You made us all, and without You, we are nothing.

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