God Was Missing in the First Presidential Debate

It’s 12:35am in the morning and I’m having a terrible time sleeping. I’m actually distraught after watching what was the first Presidential debate before the November election. This post doesn’t seek to push a particular political candidate. I take comfort in knowing that God already has whatever is meant to happen in control.

Earlier this evening, I tweeted out the following before the debate even started:

As I reflect on the words that are in the writings of these words vs. what we witnessed tonight, it was clear to me that reverence for God and His Word wasn’t really on the minds of anyone on the stage. I’m not questioning either person’s personal character or their faith, I’m more questioning the focus of the debate in general.

The debacle that was supposed to be a Presidential debate, focused mostly on personal attacks of the other opponent, mild attempts to talk about policy, and a lot of interruption, and disrespect.

I can’t think of a single moment where I felt that either person on stage was clearly focused on answering a question with the heart of God, focusing their stance and policies on the heart of God, or even at all concerned with what God cares about.

I can’t honestly say that either candidate made their case for how they would unite a divided country. Each stuck to their typical political lines and talking points (when they were able to speak), and no one came up with anything that anywhere closely resembled anything that sounded like or looked like what we are called to do: bring the Kingdom of Heaven here to the Earth.

Instead of being a beacon of hope for the world, we presented ourselves as a divided mess on the stage tonight, with no clear vision for something greater.

Please don’t take this the wrong way…the issues that were being discussed matter. People’s lives are affected by them, especially the ones that relate to racism. But we didn’t even talk about the real issue there – it became about “who will this side denounce or not denounce.”

We have an incredible heart problem in this country. Neither candidate seems fully ready or equipped to help unify us under the precepts found in the Bible and lead America forward in a way that is honoring of God.

I pray that God would raise up leadership for our nation that allows us to repent of our ways, a leader that would unite the country, using the love of God and the Bible as the foundation for their candidacy and their platform. Led fully by the Holy Spirit.

Until we have such leaders, who don’t want to just use their faith as a means to collect votes, or influence policy the way they see fit, but truly to bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven and spread the love of God not only in this nation but to the rest of the World, we are falling short of the calling that we are called to as a nation.

We must honor God with everything we do. In our own personal lives, in our communities, in our states, & in our country. I hope that you will join me in praying for our nation, that God would grant us repentance as a nation and empower leaders who will walk in His ways, being led by the Holy Spirit and fully working towards building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

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