WAY too Important: Please Read First

Hey friends and family, I just wanted to share something with you that is super important as I’m sharing some things here that relate to my understanding of who God is.

I feel it’s important, not because I think that I am deserving to be seen as a source of truth, or that you might even think to consider it about me, but because it’s so important that everyone understands the real source of Truth. 

I was hurt by the hypocritical nature of humans who (like all of us) had faults but were in a position where they were doing their best to teach me about who God is. I made the mistake of attaching them to who God is and it really caused me to totally miss the point of who God is and even reject much of what God’s Word says.

Out of an abundance of caution and desire to not hinder someone else’s walk with God because of my own faults and imperfections, I wanted to share the following with you. A disclaimer of sorts and also a blessing that I hope that we can experience together.

I’ve added the following to all of my articles as well just because it’s WAY too important to understand the real source of Truth. God Bless!

I am wholeheartedly insufficient to become your source of truth. God is the only source of Truth. I ask that you would take everything that you read or hear from me, and take it to the only source of Truth – God. God is the only source that can ever fulfill you. 

I am only a man, full of faults, wholly imperfect, and also seeking to learn more about who God is so that I can obtain the same fullness that is only provided through a personal relationship with God.

Know this: God loves you, right where you are and just as you are. Anyone who tries to tell you anything different is a liar. Focus your entire heart on God’s Love and Truth found in the Word of God and through prayer and submission to God’s will for your life.

I love you too because you are a child of God and I pray that we can walk together towards the high calling of God’s Love to bring about the kind of healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation that we all desperately need to complete the will of God and to realize the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

May God bless you with abundant love, compassion, grace, mercy and give you a heart to love others as deeply as He loves you. I pray this and ask it in the Mighty name of Jesus, amen.