The Kingdom of Heaven is Here

Do you believe what the Bible teaches or don’t you? Most people who claim the title of Christian would verbally speak an emphatic yes to that question, without giving it a second thought. But I’m asking you now to take a pause and reflect – do you REALLY believe what the Bible says?

Have you taken the time to actually read the Bible, or do you allow someone else (a pastor or otherwise) tell you what the Bible says? Perhaps you have a few verses in your back pocket to speak that you recite as part of your own identity with your faith?

If God asked you to give up everything you have worked your entire life for, and follow Him – would you really do it? Again, most Christians would probably follow that up with an emphatic yes. But is that REALLY the truth?

Here’s a quick gut check:

How many hours per day do you spend pursuing what you want to do vs. seeking what it is that God wants you to do?

In 2019, 65% of us claimed the title of Christian in the United States. That’s down by 10% from 2015, down 20% from 1990. According to our own polls, 240 million of us chose to take the name of Jesus Christ and attach our names to it in 2019.

What does that even mean to you? Does it mean that you’re “all set” because Jesus died for your sins and so now you’re just living your life the best you can until Jesus comes back?

Did Jesus die so that he could be your ticket to heaven after earth, or did Jesus die so that he could be the example of how to bring Heaven to Earth?

Did Jesus die so that we could live comfortably on the earth while watching others suffer?

Did Jesus die so that we could point to others who don’t know Him or maybe are living outside of the principles of God as examples of those whom you should belittle or judge?

Did Jesus die to become your genie, or your angel of judgement on those whom you disagree with?

Did Jesus die so that the fundamental, universal truths, that are equally applied to all life, regardless of their belief in them or not, would be stripped away from the fabric of society?

Do you pray to God more in prayer for yourself, or for the benefit of others and the Kingdom of God?

What do you ACTUALLY care about?

The Bible is either true, or it is false. There is no in-between. Either Jesus died so that we could live with all of the power and authority and use it for the Kingdom’s good – or He didn’t.

Look around you. What do you see?

Murder in the streets. A country totally divided based on political, social, economic, gender & racial boundaries. People who are growing up in neighborhoods where their “best opportunities” to better their lives are things like joining a gang, selling drugs, or prostitution.

Can we really blame them? The families that are working their butts off to feed their children the “socially acceptable way” work 60-80 hours per week, just to be able to put food on the table and hopefully be able to pay their rent and other utilities on time.

We judge these people for making these choices?

You may reason with yourself and say “Oh, but that’s just a problem for the inner city, this doesn’t affect me, I’m doing great….right?”  Head into the suburbs and you’ll find some of the aforementioned’s best customers. The same people heading to the church on Sunday are the same that are snorting cocaine on Friday and Saturday.

“But we need to go out there and get more people to go to church!” Do we? How’s that working out for us? What difference do we even show to the world today? What hope and joy do we bring to the world with our “thoughts and prayers” as we sit idly by and watch children get murdered in an elementary school, a man has the life choked out of him by a police officer, and walk directly past the homeless person without giving them even the change in our pockets or a morsel of bread because “they’re just going to use it for drugs.”

We pass judgment on those who live unrighteously without ever attaining holiness for ourselves. We have given the world no reason to believe in God because we don’t even pursue God ourselves. There is no change in us, there is no hope in the world brought forth by the church. We pat ourselves on the back for handing out a few meals here and there and then pack up in our cars and head to our miniature mansions, with 3 bathrooms and 6 rooms with 4 we never use and consider it a “job well done.”

Where has our true north gone? Either God has equipped those who seek Him diligently with the tools to overcome this war and bring peace, love, and justice to the world or He has not. Either the Holy Spirit, who raised Jesus from the dead, fed 5,000 men (plus women and children) with a couple loaves of bread and a fish, lives in us or it does not.

We know from the Bible that the Holy Spirit has the power to change the world, we have the evidence of this in the words we proclaim to believe. But are you willing to stake your very life on it?

Jesus said, ‘And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. ‘

Matthew 10:38

When Jesus took up his cross, He healed the blind & sick, fed the hungry, and raised the dead. He died so that you would take up your own cross, receive of the Holy Spirit, and do the same thing too.

If you are not willing to live your life forsaking everything else that you have, take up your cross, and do the work and even greater works than Jesus did, then you are not ready for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I tell you today, that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Everything you see today that is not of the Kingdom of God will be uprooted. Only that which is built on the foundation of God’s truth will remain.

This is not some dystopian future, the Kingdom is here. So pick up your shovel and begin to build the Kingdom today. Anyone who is not for the Kingdom of God is against it and I say to you again, the Kingdom of Heaven is here. Build with us – there is no stopping what God is doing this time.

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