God is the Hero

God, in His infinite wisdom, grace, mercy & justice applied principles of life before the foundation of the world was ever built.

God made them in such a way that if we work outside of these principles of life, we will not be fulfilled the way we are meant to be and the world around us will also not be fulfilled the way it is meant to be.

God knew, that his principles apply to all life, regardless of their acknowledgment of, or even belief in, whether God exists or not. These principles apply to all life equally and they are true.

God knows what he created in each of us, the world we were born into, the time that we were born into, the family we were born into, the characteristics that he would give us. He knew all of this before the foundation of time.

In order to know the beginning from the end, one must also know everything in the middle, otherwise, it is impossible to know when the end will be. Therefore, God had pre-knowledge of you before you ever came into existence, your entire life.

In the equal application of God’s principles of life, God knows that he will show himself to us throughout our lives, simply by applying the principles of all life onto our lives individually.

We have the choice, to remain ignorant of these principles and therefore continue in our struggles, whether to seek knowledge of these principles and know the path of life.

However, knowledge alone isn’t enough to fulfill the peace of life over our lives, and therefore complete God’s love in ourselves, and through the rest of the world. We must also walk it and be examples of our understanding of these principles.

As we do this in our own lives, it is God’s plan to use this example to lead others through your life, to the path of life.

There is one important function of this that matters for true change to come, however, and that is that we must be willful seekers of the way.

If another’s heart is not ready to receive the knowledge of these principles, then their time has not yet come to walk the path.

God will work out, in His timing and His ways, His will in that person’s life. We must pray for our brothers and sisters, and still treat them with the loving kindness that God’s principles of life demand.

In doing so, God’s love shines through as an example to those that are hurting of a way that is peaceful and loving. And this will eventually lead all to the path of life.

Make no mistake, we know that it is God’s will that none should perish along the path of destruction, the way that seems right to a man but which leads to death. Therefore, we can have confidence that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God’s will, will be done in all life.

In this, God will shine a light in the midst of darkness. God will love in the midst of hate. In doing so, through those who understand the path of life, through the faithful application of God’s principles. God will lead us back to Himself.

And in this way,

Our Father in heaven, whose name is above every other name,

His kingdom will come, His will will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

He will provide for each of us, through His way, according to our daily need,

He will have not only have forgiven us of our debts, but by application of the way, we will have forgiven others of their debts to us.

And because of this, we will no longer be led to the temptation of providing for ourselves, or seeking things that we believe we need – because we will have everything we need. We already do, but we must perceive it.

And because of this, God will have delivered us from the evil one, which can most succinctly be explained in this way: discontentment and acting according to our own will to fulfill our own contentment.

It is God who is the hero, and when we faithfully apply God’s principles, he will faithfully supply for not just all of our needs, but also according to the needs of all life.

Everything will be changed in an instant, at the moment the final person is lead to walk the way.

But this can only happen if we each individually choose to make God the hero in our lives, and begin to walk the way ourselves.

God is the hero, forever and ever. Amen.


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