Friday Inspiration: June 5, 2020 Edition

I’m not even going to try to pretend that these last two weeks have been the easiest from a writing consistency standpoint. The enemy has been prowling, trying to distract in just about any way that is possible. BUT, there’s a reason that the attacks have been coming…

Greenhouse Going Up

Last week, God put shovel to dirt on a vision that he put in my heart 8 years ago with regard to farming. It was absolutely amazing how all of this came about when the project is fully built, I’ll make sure to share the full story with all of you.

For now, I just want to share a few pictures so you can see what God is doing via a grant from & partnership with Mid-Ohio Food Bank’s “Mid-Ohio Farms” project:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This greenhouse will be the home of a brand new farming system that Lindsey and I have been developing (with a ton of help from prayer & time with God) which we believe will significantly increase the amount of food that can be produced in a significantly reduced amount of space. We’re hopeful that this system will be able to change many lives and feed many people when God is through with it and we’re believing God to truly show His power through this system. Any prayers you can offer to us would be so much appreciated. God is good. Always!

Chain Breakers: TD Jakes

As many of you know, whenever God starts to take ground for the Kingdom, the enemy doesn’t like to give it up easily. All Glory to God though, he made His children chain breakers!


Basic Seminar: Bill Gothard

I wanted to share this seminar with all of you. It’s something that God is bringing me through right now so that I can learn so much more about how the Kingdom operates and the principles through which it operates. It takes commitment to get through it, but I promise you that if God calls you to do this seminar, it will change your life if you’re willing to apply the learnings.

Bill has been doing this seminar since 1964 and over 2.5 million people have gone through it according to the website. There are even sections of the workbook he created to help you take notes during it so that you can follow along.

Click here to check it out

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe, God bless you, may your weekend be filled with the peace of God.

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