Friday Inspiration: Memorial Weekend & The Battle for Your Mind

This is the second weekly edition of Friday Inspiration. Each Friday, I recap the things that I watched, read, heard, or witnessed that inspired me and share them with you for your enjoyment and encouragement. To see previous versions of this series click here.

This weekend in the United States we’re celebrating Memorial Day Weekend! This weekend is typically the official “launch” of the Summer season. With COVID-19 this year, it’s a bit different, but most states are starting to open things up.

I want to focus on a message as it relates to this weekend that seemed pretty consistent to me over the past few days. This weekend is going to be all about the battle for our minds. Our mind is incredibly important in our spiritual warfare battle. If you haven’t checked it out, I wrote an article as a part of the article series “Pursuit of Perfection” called “Get Your Mind Right“, I recommend taking a look at it, because this appears to have been a theme that the Holy Spirit was sharing with multiple people this week.

Creflo Dollar: Protecting Your Mind (Daily Confessions Series)

I mentioned that I’ve been doing this with Creflo nearly every morning at 10am and I can’t recommend it enough to you. Today (Friday), his wife Taffi joined him in daily confessions, and they were speaking about “protecting your mind” and how to overcome the spiritual warfare that takes place in our minds.

Please please – check it out below. This will bless you this weekend, I know it. He tends to speak blessings over everyone at the beginning before he gets into the video, so if you’re crunched for time, you can skip to about the 2 minute mark. I’d recommend watching it all – it’s such a blessing.

Steven Furtick: HELP! My Mind is a Mess!

This one comes from Pastor Furtick of Elevation Church’s Instagram. I’m a fan and God was literally hitting me up with so many messages about how important the battle of the mind is, I had to share what Steven shared on his Instagram. His ministry has been such a blessing to my life.

Sunday Service: Lord You are Holy a Ballin’ Remix

I shared the full length of this show from last week. But this is a 5m43s clip of just one song that they did at the concert in Paris. I posted it to my Instagram and people seemed to really enjoy it so I wanted to share it with all of you as well. Starting my day off with this song has really given me a spurt of joy.

Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

So, what really inspired me about this song was the fact that I got a wonderful video of my niece Harper singing this song and it was easily one of the more heart-melting moments of my week. I have three beautiful nieces who bring me such joy it’s difficult to fully describe. Here is the video of Israel singing this (apparently it was his birthday this week too and Google did a Doodle to celebrate it).

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