Friday Inspiration: Faith Building & Hope Giving – First Edition

Friday Inspiration is a weekly article series where I’m going to share the videos, stories, & pictures that inspired me throughout the week. Join me to round out your week on an uplifting note and get inspired as you head into the weekend!

Below are a few things that inspired me this week.

Daily Confessions with Creflo Dollar

This is a daily (M-F at 10am eastern) live prayer and verbal declaration of God’s truths where Creflo walks me (and all other viewers) through establishing themselves, and speaking life into their lives, through the Word of God.

I can say that doing this each day has been really impactful for my life and really helps set the tone for my day. I recommend you check it out. If you can’t catch it live, he posts the live streams for later viewing as well. See this one from last Friday that can help get you through the weekend as well 🙂

The Blessing – Global Choir with Elevation Church

This one actually nearly brought me to tears. I love this song anyway, but to see how it has spread throughout the entire globe so quickly gave me goosebumps. God has been speaking to me about how He is preparing to move in a big way throughout the world, and its moments like this that let me know, He’s already moving in a big way.


The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

So, this video is a bit older (from 2016) but I recently rediscovered it and it’s absolutely one of the more beautiful things I’ve heard. He’s in Georgia (the country not the state), singing the Lord’s prayer, in front of the Pope, inside a beautiful building, while the Pope in kneeling down and praying. Take a listen…


Sunday Service in Paris

Kanye is awesome in my opinion and the Gospel choir that he’s put together as well is honestly just amazing to listen to. Check them out in Paris before the global pandemic hit.


Teen Gets Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing


In New Mexico, a teen found $135,000 in cash and turned it back in. Take a look at what he had to say and how the community thanked him for doing the right thing. Read the story by clicking here.


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