God is. A poem

God is because He created every living thing in His image.

God is because His rivers flow at His pace.

God is because His winds carry the seasons and bring the rains that feed His people.

God is because He shows Himself in the midst of pandemics, by the healing of His creation.

God is because His muddied rivers clear themselves.

God’s ways are higher than our ways, He leads us on the paths of His wisdom, set before the foundations of time.

Though He gives us the freedom to choose for ourselves the ways we will go, God is faithful to apply His principles of life, equally across all life.

Though the misaligned may prosper for a season, God’s principles always pull us back into alignment and bring balance to life.

God is because He feeds those who walk in His principles freely, not by the work of their hands, but by the work of His principles.

God is because He provides for those who will walk in His ways, not because those who do so are more righteous, but because God is True, His ways are True, and the promises of His ways never fail to deliver for those who seek them.

Follow the ancient roads, the paths once used which are still available today.

You will see them in all of God’s life not given over to self.

God is because He created a way to show Himself to those who are willing to see.

God is because His lessons are free.

God is because God is.

He welcomes you to be too.

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