Omnisye (omni-sigh) is an organization dedicated to helping people. The name itself actually means “helping all”. Sye is the phonetic way to say “help” in Aramaic and omni means all.

Our goal in all that we do is to identify problems and BUILD THINGS TO HELP solve those problems in ways that allow people to live their lives with more freedom, the way that we believe God intended us all to live.


1) STrategic Customer Acquisition for eCommerce REtailers

We help established retail businesses identify their most valuable customers and create sales and marketing plans to acquire more of these customers through their various sales channels. We focus our efforts in SEO, paid search, paid social, retargeting and email marketing.

2) SUSTAINABLE Urban Agriculture

In 2019 we received a grant from Mid-Ohio Food Collective to develop a one of a kind urban agricultural system that should be able to produce the same amount of root-based crops in 1500 square feet that a small farm can produce in a year.

3) Community Involvement

These are volunteer projects that range from simply helping someone recover from personal hardship to providing educational opportunities for kids to learn more about either business or urban agriculture.