Helping You Live with The Freedom God Intends

Omnisye (omni-sigh) is a ministry dedicated to helping people. The name itself actually means “helping all”. Sye is the phonetic way to say “help” in Aramaic and omni means all.

Our goal in all that we do is to identify problems and BUILD THINGS TO HELP solve those problems in ways that allow people to live their lives with more freedom, the way that we believe God intended us all to live.

There are three main ways that we help people:

1) Bible-Based Spiritual Warfare Preparation & Education

God called us out of the world so that we could spend time to lean into the Word and prepare for the manifestation of the Kingdom. In this season, knowing the Word of God is going to be more important than ever. The Bible is the key to understanding and winning the Spiritual warfare that is all around us. At the expressed direction of the Holy Spirit, we create and/or curate educational resources to help Christians understand how to stand in the spiritual battle that God has called them to win to take back strongholds for the Kingdom of Heaven.

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2) Sustainable Farming: Aquaponics

We are in the development phases of an agricultural system that by faith we believe God will use to feed the world. This system design was given to us through prayer and vision from the Holy Spirit a few years ago and we are presently building the very first one of these thanks to the faithful partnership & grant with Mid-Ohio Farms.

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3) The Wave of Love

We call these God’s projects and these activities are strictly focused on bringing help to those that God brings in our path. This can be anything from helping someone with bus fare to go see their loved ones to working with the mentally ill and incarcerated to help them feel loved and get back on their feet.

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God Needs Your Help: How to Get Involved

Everything that God calls us to do, we do for free. Freely we have received and freely we give. God has always provided for our every need through the generous acts of kindness that he provides through His children in order to give us the ability to focus.

We’re compiling a list of things that we need in order to carry out the vision that God has called us to fulfill. We will link to it here once it is fully completed. If you’re able to help supply us with some of these things, that’s wonderful, if you’re not, we humbly ask for your prayers for God’s provision and blessing to come to fruition in these areas.

We only put on this list things that the Holy Spirit tells us we need to accomplish God’s purpose and so we ask that you would help us through either supplying for these needs within your means or offer your faith-filled prayers in the Spirit to bring the things that we need to fulfill God’s purpose.

We also welcome any who feel called by God to walk with us in bringing forth God’s vision to join us. Whether you are able to volunteer just a little bit of your time or resources to be helpful in any way, or you feel that God is calling you to something deeper, we welcome all those whom the Holy Spirit leads to walk in the way. If you’d like to learn more about how to help, please contact us through this page.