Helping You Live with The Freedom God Intends

Omnisye (omni-sigh) is a company dedicated to helping people. The name itself actually means “helping all”. Sye is the phonetic way to say “help” in Aramaic and omni means all.

Our goal in all that we do is to identify problems and BUILD THINGS TO HELP solve those problems in ways that allow people to live their lives with more freedom, the way that we believe God intended us all to live.

There are three main ways that we help people:

1) Business Consulting (especially as it relates to digital marketing)

We work with companies from ~$2.5M – $25M in annualized sales develop and execute marketing strategies & systems that will help achieve their long-term goals. BUT there’s a key difference between us and other digital marketing agencies and consultancies…

While we’re helping grow your sales, we also simultaneously work to build an infrastructure for your business that will allow you to take over your own marketing efforts and eventually not need us anymore.

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2) Sustainable Farming: Aquaponics

We created and donate an easy-to-use aquaponics system that allows people to grow their own food using organic and sustainable farming techniques, in a system that can fit in any size home or apartment.

We do currently have some for sale for those who aren’t eligible for donations and we use the proceeds from the sale of these to help buy more supplies to build more systems for donations. We accept donations on our Etsy store as well as sell them.

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3) Charitable Activities

We call these God’s projects and these activities are strictly focused on bringing help to those that God brings in our path. This can be anything from helping someone with bus fare to go see their loved ones to working with the mentally ill and incarcerated to help them feel loved and get back on their feet.

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